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Toilet Services
Toilet Services If you are having problems with your toilet, below is a list of the most frequent faults, giving you a general guide to what is involved and an idea of the repair cost.

Please don't hesitate to call me whatever the problem.
Services Available
Toilet Flush Problems
If your toilet refuses or is hard to flush it's down to a number of reasons. Usually the plastic siphon plate is torn on lever operated cisterns which can be easily repaired. ..more

Toilet Leaks
Toilets can leak from a number of places: Pan connector / sewer outlet, Cistern to Pan Joint (Doughnut), Water inlet joint (Cold Water Inlet), Overflow Problems / Integral Toilet Fault. ..more

Toilet Ballcock Faults
If you have a problem with the ballcock in your toilet ie: overfilling/overflow/water hammer problems, this can be easily repaired by replacing the parts in the valve and usually doesn't involve toilet disassembly saving you money. ..more

Toilet Floatvalve Faults
In recent years ball cocks have been replaced by float valves which are a smaller version of the ball cock, working on a pressure differential system, these fill quietly and stop immediately the cistern fills. ..more

Toilet Overflow Faults
Overflow problems are generally attributed to a defective filling valve. Older toilets overflow outside and if left can cause other related problems. For older toilets without an internal overflow both the float valve ..more

Toilet Blockages
Toilet blockages are down to a blocked sewer or a blockage in the pipe between the toilet and the sewer. Both can be remedied after a FREE inspection and quotation is carried out to evaluate the problem. ..more

Fit New Toilet
This requires removal and disposal of the old toilet. If you are buying a new toilet please consider the water supply location to the correct side of the new unit ie: (left or right bottom or top fill). ..more

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